A stencil screen printing method applied to molding and injection molding

Patent name: A lithographic screen printing method applied to molding and injection molding. Patent application number 7. 7 Publication number: 1520988
Application Date: 2003.02.11 Public Day: 2004.08.18
Applicant: Taiwan Taiyi Precision Co., Ltd. The present invention relates to a method for application in molding and injection molding lithography and screen printing. The method includes lithography, screen printing, baking, rolling and injection molding. And other steps, mainly using lithography and screen printing in combination with each other, and with a certain proportion of ink formulations, as well as the use of baking technology, not only printing speed, not easy to drop paint, can also be used with the injection molding machine, more Can also provide a variety of color changes in the structure.


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