Aluminum aerosol cans and aluminum bottles and methods for making them from raw material rolls

Patent name Aluminium aerosol cans and aluminum bottles and methods of manufacture using raw material rolls Patent applicants Exxal company Principal applicant Address Ohio State Inventor C. Thomas Application (Patent) No. 03819830.4 Date of Application 2003.06.27 Date of Approval Audit No. 1675010 Date of Publication of the Verification Notice 2005.09.28 Manual CD No. D0539 Main Classification No. B21D51/26 Classification No. B21D51/26; Part B65D83/14 Original Application No. 2002.8.20 US 10/224,256 Abstracts Cans, especially aluminum aerosol cans made from aluminum alloy raw material discs. A method of necking an aerosol can made from a 3000 series aluminum alloy is also provided. This method prevents the can from biting in the necking tool and produces a can with a unique profile. While maintaining a cost advantage over the production of steel aerosol cans, the produced aluminum aerosol cans have better strength and quality characteristics. Sovereign item 1, an aluminum can including a wall portion (12) having an upper end portion (14) and a lower end portion (16), and a bottom portion extending from the lower end portion (16) of the wall portion (12) Part (20), said bottom part (20) having a predetermined profile, characterized in that said tank is made of 3000 series aluminum alloy and said upper end (14) defines a predetermined shoulder profile (18). ) and neck (19). International Application PCT/US2003/020363 2003.6.27 International Publication WO2004/018121 English 2004.3.4 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Limited Agency Address Agent Liao Lingling

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