Anti-reuse bottle

Patent Name A reusable bottle patent applicant Dong Jianjun Principal Applicant Address 048000 Shanxi Province Jincheng Ancient Academy Lvyuan Community Building 1 Building 2 Unit 401 Inventor Dong Jianjun Application (Patent) No. 200420107730.3 Application Date 2004.10.25 Certification Date Approval notice No. 2734676 Date of approval announcement 2005.10.19 Specification CD-ROM D0542 Main classification number B65D85/72 Classification number B65D85/72; B65D49/00; B65D23/12 Sub-item Original application number Priority Claim abstract This utility model relates to containers, more specifically It is said that wine bottles are involved, especially those that prevent reuse. An anti-reusable wine bottle is provided with a mark of a curing structure on the bottle. The utility model can encourage the consumers to break the wine bottles after drinking and has a positive effect on preventing the old wine bottles from being reused, and may even eliminate the problem of the old bottled new wines. Sovereign Items 1. A reusable wine bottle characterized in that a mark (3) having a cured structure is provided on the bottle (1).

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