Based on PAL professional audio solution - stationed in Fuyang City People's Hospital

Founded in 1946, Fuyang City People's Hospital covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​23,000 square meters. It is a modern comprehensive hospital. The entire hospital's audio processing equipment and sound reinforcement system all use PAL professional audio equipment, including PALBL digital mixer, PAL discussion conference system, PALTMC8080A digital processor and PAL TV series speakers, GS series amplifiers, etc.

Fuyang People's Hospital Multi-function Reporting Hall

Shenzhen Baoyeheng Industrial Co., Ltd. for the multimedia lecture hall, the overall design idea is designed in accordance with the concept of simple and solemn, convenient to report communication. According to the actual application and needs of the project, using the latest and most advanced products and advanced design methods, the system solution is proposed for users to choose and reference. Our final design concept is to build a set of advanced / stable / reliable / superior / economical The system has become a digital, multi-functional, audio sound reinforcement system with international technology leadership and high technology content.

In combination with the environmental factors of the lecture hall, the speaker should first be considered to avoid adverse factors such as sound focusing, long reverberation time and long echo time; secondly, the definition of sound reinforcement speech; thirdly, the uniformity of sound pressure coverage. Here we use the PALTV series speakers as the main expansion sound box (on both sides of the podium); in order to increase the sound field coverage uniformity, the PALET series speakers are used as the back sound of the conference room; in order to achieve the sound image of the sound reinforcement site Consistency, using a TMC8080A digital processor to control, effectively adjust speaker delay, balance, phase, limit and other parameters.

PAL sound reinforcement equipment use site

The entire audio solution scientifically mounts multiple speaker assemblies in a single location, minimizing mutual interference between the speakers, featuring long projection, high sensitivity, and full and uniform sound coverage between zones. The hall is adequate for a variety of large conferences and multi-purpose performances. Their good results have been well received by them.

Fuyang City People's Hospital

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