Biochemical incubators should be kept away from sources of electromagnetic interference

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. LZ brand digital display biochemical incubator is widely used in culture, preservation, water quality analysis and BOD test of bacteria, mold, microorganisms and tissue cells, suitable for breeding experiments and plant cultivation. It is an important test equipment for scientific research institutions, universities, production units or department laboratories in the fields of biology, genetic engineering, medicine, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.
Use and debugging of biochemical incubator:
1. Open the box door, put the object to be processed into the shelf on the box, and close the box door.
2. Turn on the power, insert the three-pin plug into the power socket, and set the power switch on the panel to the “on” position. At this time, the meter displays a digital display indicating that the device is in working condition.
3. Set the temperature of the box you need by operating the temperature controller on the control panel. When the set temperature is greater than the ambient temperature by more than 5 °C, set the cooling transfer switch to “RT+5°C”. (For detailed operation instructions of the temperature controller, see the next page.)
4. The instrument starts to work, the temperature inside the box gradually reaches the set value, and after the required processing time, the processing is completed.
5. Turn off the power supply. After the temperature in the box is close to the ambient temperature, open the door and remove the installation and debugging of the biochemical incubator. 1. Do not use force on the glass during transportation, and do not hit the cabinet. Inverting and tilting greater than 45° are prohibited.
2. After the equipment is grounded, it should be placed as stable as the ground is uneven.
3. Please do not use the instrument in direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity. The ambient temperature should be kept at 10-30 °C.
4. This equipment should be kept away from electromagnetic interference sources, and the grounding wire of the equipment should be effectively grounded.
5. When the equipment is in normal operation, the load placed in the box should not affect the air circulation to ensure the air circulation and temperature uniformity inside the box.
6, the power supply is AC 220V50HZ, must use 10A three-core socket, and has a reliable grounding wire, you must not use the two-core socket.

7, the power cord should not be close to the back, do not let the instrument or other items on the power line, so as not to damage the power cord.

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