Create a variety of different styles of bedroom to match the color of the wardrobe with the floor

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When you are decorating the bedroom, have you paid attention to the matching of your floor and wardrobe color? As the color of the wardrobe continues to increase, we must consider whether the color of the floor and the wardrobe are coordinated. Today, Xiaobian lists three different styles, teaching you how to design the bedroom floor and wardrobe color matching style.

European style:

Bedroom closet

European-style decoration is magnificent, the owners are mostly high-income people such as bosses or corporate executives, pursuing a noble life and longing for a European petty-bourgeois lifestyle. The European-style wardrobe is divided into light-colored white and dark-colored apple wood. White European wardrobe, white wall or European wallpaper with light-colored floor, such as: light gray (gray is omnipotent), light blue, light oak, light white maple, light cherry wood, etc. The dark apple wood color, or the deep purple, dark gray European cloakroom or wardrobe, must not be equipped with a light-colored floor, which will make the floor very low-grade, with a dark floor to match the dark wardrobe.

Wild style:

Bedroom decoration

I often see the decoration style of black and white ash, but it is still dominated by white decoration. This is a single point of color, a solid color point. The color is similar, and the color of the same color of the floor and the wardrobe can be distinguished.

3, rural style:

Wardrobe color

The fabric in the pastoral style is very important, so the floor color should be pure, and the wardrobe should be dominated by the medium color.

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