CTH color series green paint color paste

In order to cater to the rapid development of the textile printing and dyeing market today, Shanghai Caisheng Color Chemical Co., Ltd. recently launched CTH Caisheng series of high-performance, high-concentration and high-concentration environmental protection coatings based on the existing 8 series, TH series and D type printing colorants. Color paste. This product adopts advanced equipment and production technology, chooses pigments and additives that meet the requirements of modern environmental protection, and has the advantages of high solid content, pure hue, colorful, high coloring power, strong hiding power, low viscosity, good stability, etc. Has good heat resistance, light resistance and weather fastness. The products are determined by the standard of the authoritative organization and do not contain 23 kinds of aromatic amines. The contents of formaldehyde and heavy metals are in compliance with the requirements of the International Textile Ecology Research and Inspection Association Oeko-Tex100.

Mascara Case

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