Direct offset printing method for miniature corrugated cardboard

Direct-offset printing method of micro-corrugated cardboard Patent Application No. Abstract: The present invention discloses a direct offset printing method for printing a micro-corrugated cardboard. The process includes the selection of printed corrugated cardboard, blankets, inks, fountain solutions, printing plates, the adjustment of printing presses, the adjustment of printing pressures, and the monitoring of the thickness of micro-corrugated cardboard before printing and after printing and the printing outlets. It is characterized by: the choice of micro-corrugated cardboard quality control unit in the 380 ~ 440g/m2, the use of materials for the 185g/m2 recoated white cattle card +90g/m2 corrugated paper +140g/m2 white cattle card; moisture content control in 7% ~ 9 %;The corrugation direction is perpendicular to the printing line pressure; the emulsification rate of the ink is controlled between 15% and 18% during the printing process; the blanket selects the blanket with the reduction rate of the mesh point≥95%; and the printing plate material selects the high quality of the true reduction of the network point. True TP plate. The present invention makes up for this gap in the history of offset printing in China. The print product has a good color reproduction effect, the image is clear, the printing pattern has a rich sense of hierarchy, and the printing quality has reached an advanced level. ※

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