Eight important considerations for shrinking pores

The pores are the respiratory organs of our skin. It is important to know that the skin cannot be breathed. If the pores are clogged, it will cause many skin problems. Let's take a look at the eight precautions for shrinking pores with Xiaobian!

Don't want to wash your face frequently

Controlling the oil does not remove all the grease. Many people can't help but wash their face often in the summer, hoping that the more they wash, the less oil they can. In fact, the normal skin's oil and water secretion should be in a state of balance. If you simply wash or remove the oil on the skin surface, it will cause imbalance of water and oil secretion, but will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

In this sense, hydration is the key to oil control. Therefore, when selecting oil control products, in addition to emphasizing the effect of oil control, we must also consider the moisturizing effect of the product itself. Only by providing skin with moderate oil-free moisturizing and moisturizing, the skin can be adjusted to the best state of water and oil balance, in order to truly say goodbye to shine.

Don't rely solely on one product

Analysis: In fact, this is completely an illusion. Convergence lotion, or other astringent products, because it contains some alcohol, can play a role in convergence, but it can temporarily restore the open pores to a closed normal state, or improve the appearance of enlarged pores from the outside. Impression, but can not really make the shrinkage of the coarse pores smaller. Moreover, the use of a lot of toner containing alcohol is often irritating to the skin, especially dry and sensitive skin, so use it with care.

Don't want to rude blackheads

Analysis: If you have more oil, you can't help but take out a deep cleansing mask, but beware - many deep-layer membranes first enlarge the pores to get the oil and dirt out of the pores. If you just put the blackhead out, it doesn't The next step of the maintenance care will make the pores bigger.

Tear-off mask out!

Analysis: Frequent use of the tear-off type of oil removal, firming mask or nasal membrane will make your skin become more fragile and slack under excessive tough tearing, affecting the normal function of the skin, even premature aging.

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