Equipment allocation plan for the manual simulation experiment (training) room of the financial and accounting department

Equipment and Equipment Plan of the Manual Simulation Experiment (Training) Room of the Finance and Accounting Department of the Financial Management Department.pdf

The accounting simulation experiment (training) room is based on the full investigation of the actual economic business of the commodity circulation enterprise, based on the division of the financial accounting position of the enterprise and the relationship between the positions of the relevant departments, the simulation of the commodity circulation enterprise business is established, and the accounting simulation training is carried out Special place. The simulation object of the accounting simulation experiment (training) room is a commodity circulation enterprise with sound institutions, comprehensive business types, strict procedures, clear division of functions, and part-and-part-run operations. The main contents of the training include: the establishment of account books and the filling of original vouchers. System, the preparation of accounting vouchers, the registration and transfer of various accounting books, the filling of accounting reports, the preparation and submission of accounting vouchers, and the simulated economic business is a two-month business volume. The content covers a wide range of aspects, common and unusual business.

The accounting simulation experiment (training) room has been well received by various circles since it was successfully developed and put on the market. This series of products can build a financial and accounting simulation laboratory with excellent quality, complete functions and complete equipment. Through practical training, they can master accounting writing, document filling and review, account construction, bookkeeping, correction of wrong accounts, voucher binding, and subjects. Basic skills and methods such as summary tables, bank balance adjustment tables, and accounting statements. To enable students to practice based on simulation effects without leaving the school, not only can they consolidate the systematic understanding of the knowledge they have learned, but more importantly, they can cultivate students' hands-on ability to achieve the transformation from theory to practice, and from knowledge to ability. "Talk about military practice on paper." Its configuration is an important symbol of the level and grade of the school.

Equipment allocation plan for the manual simulation experiment (training) room of the financial and accounting department

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