Exclude business interference, calmly choose mahogany furniture

If you want to buy a set of mahogany furniture, are you willing to go to the storefront of the merchant to buy or prefer to go directly to the merchant's factory warehouse to pick it?

I said one thing: once, the owner of a mahogany furniture company told me that he found a problem. He said that some customers are optimistic about furniture in his shop and want to buy it. The salesperson said: I will take you to the factory, where there are many kinds of goods, you can pick one more. The salesperson is kind, and I hope that customers can see more things in the factory and be able to buy more goods. After the customer arrives at the factory, he often does not buy it. What is the reason for this? Later he figured out that his store was very beautifully arranged, very warm, and very homey. Customers came here to have the urge to buy. But when the customer came to the factory, the exhibition hall in the factory was like a big warehouse. The goods were much more than the store, but the atmosphere of the "home" was gone.

Eliminate business interference, calmly choose mahogany furniture

The customer could not find a warm feeling here, and the original impulse disappeared, so the customer said: Wait a minute! This is no longer the case. The crux found, the boss began to decorate the exhibition hall, making it the same as the store, it really worked.

The above case is about business, but it is also inspiring for our consumers. What inspired? That is to stay calm. Merchants create a good atmosphere, it is easy to evoke the desire of customers to buy, especially for female customers, they are the easiest to buy, so they are more likely to sign in the store. However, the salespersons of the people are really telling the truth. Because the store rent is expensive and the business area is limited, it is impossible for the manufacturers to put all the styles in, so it is not necessarily a good thing to go to the exhibition hall in the factory.

The key here is that intellectual purchase is the most important. Whether in the store or in the factory, as a consumer, we must be good at eliminating the interference caused by various environments, and focus on the product itself, not the environment, especially pay attention to restraining the warm lighting, gentle environment, soft background. The shopping impulse brought by music.

In fact, those stores that do not have any decoration and lighting effects are more likely to allow customers to focus their attention on the product itself without interference from other factors. Therefore, whether you choose goods in the store or in the warehouse, you must be rational and calm, otherwise you will be affected by the surrounding environment. After you go home, you will find that it is not suitable for your home decoration or leave the display lighting. And. (Tu Shen / Wen)

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