Eye shadow + false eyelashes six steps make you become charming double eyelids

For a single eyelid MM has always dreamed, suddenly woke up into a double eyelid. Today, Xiaobian will help you realize this dream. You don't need to open the knife to embed the thread. You only need six simple steps. Using eye shadow false eyelashes can help you create a charming double eyelid .

Makeup method:

Eye shadow + false eyelashes Six steps make you a charming double eyelid

1. The first choice is to use a black eyeliner to draw a thicker eyeliner, which can be equivalent to a black eye shadow.

2, the eyeliner is thick to open the eyes and can see the eyeliner.

Eye shadow + false eyelashes Six steps make you a charming double eyelid

3, dark brown mixed with a little black eye shadow, from the bottom up on the A area.

4. In the B area of ​​the illustration, the light brown eye shadow is partially overlapped in the A area to create a layered feeling.

Eye shadow + false eyelashes Six steps make you a charming double eyelid

5. Use high-gloss beige eyeshadow to smudge the edges of Zone B.

6. Paste the thick false eyelashes. If one is not thick enough, stick two false eyelashes. Be sure to choose the false eyelashes of the hard stems so that you can hold the eyelids up.

Do not ignore the lower eye shadow, use the beige to brighten the eyes, the back is slightly smudged with brown, the eye makeup is finished, the single eyelid magic becomes double eyelids! >>> Daren sharing six-step retro red lip makeup tutorial

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