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Patent Name Folding Assembled Package Patent Applicant Lu Xiangxin Primary Applicant Address 015200 Yongjin Lane, Zhenxing Road, Bayan Gollai Township, Qikou County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 15-7 Inventor Lu Xiangxin; Lu Xiangbing Application (Patent) No. 200520000710.0 Date of Application 2005.01.12 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2763202 Approval Notice Day 2006.03.08 Instruction CD-ROM D0610-2 Main Classification Number B65D88/52(2006.01) I Classification Number B65D88/52(2006.01)I;B65D6/16(2006.01)I Division Original Application No. 1 Abstract of the Invention The utility model relates to a folding assembly type packing box. The utility model comprises a box body, a box fan and a box cover. The bottom of the box body is provided with a forklift hole and supporting feet, and the box fan is movably connected to the box tray; when the goods are loaded, they are assembled into a box; after the cargo is unloaded, the box box fan is folded into the box tray, and the cover is closed On the lid, the folded box is only one-fourth of the loading box. The volume is small. The boxes and boxes can be stacked and stacked to take up less space, which is convenient for transport and storage, saving space for wagons and ship containers, and greatly reducing transportation. Cost and management cost. The utility model is a series of products with various specifications. The box fan of the same specification of the box can be interchanged, and the assembly and folding are convenient and economical. It is particularly suitable for the packaging of food and sauce-like articles. Sovereign Items 1. A folding assembly type packing box, including a box body, a box fan, and a box cover. The bottom of the box body is provided with a forklift hole and a support leg, characterized in that the box fan is movably connected to the box support (1).

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