Furniture stubborn stains

There are always some "stubborn" stains on the furniture that can cause headaches. The following tips can help you easily remove stubborn stains and make the furniture look as clean as new.


      1. The tea on the coffee table will be difficult to remove for a long time. You can sprinkle some water on the tea stains, wipe it with the foil paper in the cigarette box and then scrub with water to wash off the tea stains.


      2. Bamboo and rattan can be disfigured after a long time of use, and can be decontaminated with a soft cloth dipped in salt water.


      3. The hot cup plate will directly leave a hot mark on the painted surface of the coffee table. Remove it with alcohol, toilet water or strong tea on the hot marks. If the traces are deposited for too long, apply a layer of Vaseline oil to the hot marks and wipe off the stains with a rag every two days.


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