Good habits allow you to restore supple and translucent skin

Many women have lost their blood on skin care products , but the results have been unsatisfactory. Have you ever thought that there may be problems with your use and skin care habits . Today, I will introduce you to 8 good habits , let the skin say goodbye to dull and dry, and restore the water and shine.

Habit 1: The optimum face temperature is 38-40 ° C of lukewarm water

In order to maintain meat quality and noodles in the cooking program, the trick of "ice town" is often used, but the living and delicate skin can not be processed. The firming feeling brought by cold water washing will last for 30 minutes, and the sudden cooling stimulation will make the face flush, which will cause microvascular expansion and thickening in the long run.

Habit 2: The cotton pad that absorbs the water is hard, stop using it to beat the skin.

The cotton pad that sucks the water will become thinner and harder. Take it to pat the face, just like taking a thin piece of bamboo and hitting it on the face. It is especially irritating to the tibia, because the bones under the skin are bones that will cause the microvessels to expand for a long time. To use the lotion properly, choose a wet compress or gently press on the cotton pad.

Habit 3: Do not let the spot appear, rely on whitening maintenance

Some things are fair to God. No matter how good the skin is, and long spots, everyone can't get away. For prevention, daily whitening is used to delay the formation of new spots. I remember that the effectiveness of the "component concentration", Japanese products advertised "medicinal" usually has a certain concentration, if it is European and American products, you may wish to read the product label or ask the counter service staff.

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