Gu Yan reagent-Aestheticists invented visual glasses to clearly "see" cancer cells

American scholars invented visual glasses to clearly "see" cancer cells through a pair of special high-tech glasses. The doctor carefully removed the cancerous tissue that flashed blue light ... On February 10th local time, a special surgical operation was performed in Missouri, United States. In a hospital in St. Louis, the state, with the aid of this newly-developed visualization technology, cancer cells that were barely visible in the past became invisible. According to American media reports, this pair of glasses that can "see" cancer cells was successfully developed by Professor Samuel Aki River, a professor of radiology and biomedical engineering at the University of Washington (WU). Under ideal conditions, it can help The surgeon completely removes all cancerous tissue in one operation. As we all know, even under a high-performance microscope, cancer cells are difficult to find. But with this pair of glasses, doctors can easily distinguish healthy cells from cancer cells, thus ensuring that no cancerous tissue is missed during the first operation, and the possibility of performing a second resection operation to "check for gaps" is greatly reduced. According to reports, when using it, you need to apply a specific molecular agent to the tumor and its surrounding tissues. This agent will attach to the cancer cells and make them glow invisible to the naked eye. Then, the doctor will wear a similar The helmet-mounted display of the glasses, through custom video technology, can see where the cancer cells are distributed. "At present, we are still in the early stages of research, and more improvements and testing will be carried out in the future." Breast surgeon Julie Magtal is the chief surgeon who performed the surgery on the 10th, and is also the first to be used in actual operations People with cancer cell glasses, "We think of this new technology will benefit patients, we are full of energy." According to the current medical procedures, surgeons need to remove tumors and nearby tissues during surgery, and these tissues Cancer cells may or may not be present. Subsequently, the excised tissue specimens were sent to the pathology laboratory for examination. If cancer cells were found in them, a second or even multiple surgeries were required until the cancerous tissue was completely removed. According to Magtal, it is impossible to determine the full range of cancerous tissues with existing technology, so about 20% to 25% of breast cancer patients undergo a second surgery after undergoing the first surgery to remove the tumor. "With the help of the cancer cell glasses, all cancerous tissue can be removed at the first operation. This means that there is no need for follow-up surgery, and the patient does not have to bear the accompanying pain and surgery costs." Thaler hopes that this new technology can reduce or even eliminate secondary surgery completely.

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