Happy girl makeup reveals

Happy girls all the way to sing, people do not want to pay attention to it is difficult, 2011 happy female voice game is in the climax stage, the heat wave is a wave higher than a wave, and the fast women who entered the finals are more people's attention. Let's reveal their makeup together.

Lu Wei

Happy girl makeup reveals

Because of the natural double eyelids and face shape, Lu Yan's makeup does not require too much heavy makeup, and the eye makeup part is very easy to get. Romantic and transparent, it is best for her long dreams. The lip makeup uses a pale pink color that is consistent with the theme of a transparent makeup. The eye makeup part only needs to add a little shadow effect to the outer corner of the upper eyelid with a slightly darker eye shadow than the skin color. In addition, the eyebrows also use a relatively slender and elegant Liuyue eyebrow shape.

Fu Mengni

Happy girl makeup reveals

Big eyes + small face, standard model face, make Fu Mengni's make-up have more possibilities. For example, the combination of the sword eyebrows and the big eyes makes the cute and sweet style of Fu Mengni also show a fascinating and powerful domineering side. Deliberately emphasize the eyelashes of the lower eyelids, making the eye makeup more exotic and sexy. The part of the cheekbones near the nose is light brown mixed with pink blush to increase the shadow effect, making the nose look more. The lip gloss section has a slightly orangeish light cherry color, which is more harmonious with the brown blush.

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