Honeycomb cardboard box

Patent Name Cellulose Cardboard Case Patent Applicant Chen Jiaying Principal Applicant Address 210000, Room 205, No. 10 Taicang Lane, Shengzhou Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Inventor Chen Jiaying Application (Patent) No. 200420080254.0 Date of Application 2004.10.14 Issuing Date Approval Notice No. 2749812 Date of Audited Announcement 2006.01.04 Specification CD-ROM D0601-2 Main Classification Number B65D5/32 (2006.01) I Classification Number B65D5/32 (2006.01)I; B65D81/02 (2006.01)I Divisional Original Application No. Priority Extraction Practical The new type discloses a honeycomb paperboard packing box which is assembled by a box body panel and a crimping connecting piece, wherein the box body panel is connected between the adjoining two sides of the box panel and the adjacent two sides of the crimping connector. Flanges, the bent lines in the cardboard are formed by folding and overlapping the surfaces of the honeycomb holes. The beneficial effects of the utility model are: the structure is reasonable, the production process is simple, the cost is low, a large amount of wood can be saved, thereby protecting forest resources, eliminating white pollution, improving the environment, and facilitating export competition. More importantly, its packaging effect is good. Sovereignty Item 1. A honeycomb cardboard packing box is characterized in that it is assembled from a box panel (1) and a crimping connector (2), and the box panel (1) is connected between two adjacent ones of the two surfaces. The bent edge between the two sides of the crimping and crimping connector (2) is formed by bending and folding the surface of the cardboard with the bent lines.

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