Inquiries about TPC UV Pad Printing Ink from Marabu Ink Co., Ltd., Maraibu, Germany

Melaleuca TPC UV printing inks were recently introduced to the market. The ink is particularly suitable for printing ABS, pretreatment PP and PE, hard PVC, PC, PS, PMMA and other materials, if you want to print on PS, PA, pretreatment PE, PP and coated surface materials, you must add H2 hardener In order to achieve good adhesion. TPC inks are specially designed for pad printing applications that typically require short-term processing and immediate packaging.

The main features of TPC inks are:

dry. Generally, 80 to 120W/cm UV mercury lamps can be used. TPC has a little solvent. Surface drying must be cured with a UV dryer. The ink adhesion will have a better effect after printing for 24 hours.
Resistance to fade. TPC inks use medium and high pigments that are not easily discolored. Therefore, the scope of use of the ink can meet the short-term outdoor climate.
Anti-friction and chemical properties. Once the ink is completely UV cured and dried, it will have good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. To increase the ink characteristics, add 5 % hardener. Can use the general market printing plate and printing plastic head.

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