Install the home "eyes" door and window renovation three major misunderstanding points

Doors and windows are definitely another important part of the renovation project ! As the saying goes, "doors and windows are like the eyes of the home." Good door and window construction not only adds brilliance to the appearance of the home, but also allows the home to have good ventilation and lighting.

Common Mistakes 1 : Close the balcony and transform it into a kitchen, which saves space. However, the space is large, the ventilated living room without a balcony becomes difficult to ventilate, the lighting is also deteriorated, and more importantly, the closed floor is difficult for the kitchen fumes to dissipate.

  How to deal with it: The space behind the balcony is suitable for opening, avoiding the balcony from being separated from the living room by the wall, thus reducing the transparency of the home.

  Common Mistakes 2 : The doors and windows are new and do not need to be replaced, which can save unnecessary expenses. However, the hidden dangers of doors and windows are not so easy to see with the naked eye, so Xiaobian still recommends that the doors and windows should be replaced when renovating the project.

  Coping method: During the decoration, since the window removal process will damage the indoor and outdoor walls, it is best to replace the doors and windows first, and then proceed to the next renovation. The owner should clearly select which brand of profile ? The quality of the profile will determine the grade of the entire door and window, sealing and aging issues, buyers should not be blinded by the concept of "low-cost plastic steel doors and windows" in the market. In addition, when purchasing, you must go to the formal building materials market. The roadside stalls have simple processing equipment, and the accuracy and strength cannot be guaranteed. Especially for plastic steel doors and windows, the steel lining steel they made is of inferior quality, even without lining steel, and other accessories are also very poor.

  Common Misunderstanding 3 : Wooden door is also a prominent problem in second-hand housing, but if the material is strong, and you also like its style, generally just repainting can be completely new, but if the following problems occur, you must remove the heavy Do, the main problem depends on whether the wooden doors and windows are peeled and deformed. If there is, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed, so it must be replaced. But the renovation of the wooden door is not just a varnish.

  Solution: Since any substrate and material can be refurbished, if the original oil is used and the color is darker, it can't be covered with light paint unless the original color is covered with a darker color. If it is originally mixed, there is no limit on the color, and you can change it to any color. If the surface of the wooden door is damaged, such as cracks or broken pits in some places, you should first put the putty on the damaged place, then sand the sandpaper, then brush the primer and topcoat. If the base layer is not damaged, consider painting directly.

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