Layout Feng Shui House to save single female

Duan Ziyun: "The standard of women in the new era is that they have got the hall, got the kitchen, wrote the code, found the abnormality, killed the Trojan, turned the wall, could get a good car, could afford a new house, and fought a mistress. Played too much."

The female men are too independent. Where can I find such a good other half? "Star You" tells the leftover women, handsome and tall, rich and capable, and has knowledge and six packs of abdominal muscles. Understand how to invest and understand financial management, the key is to buy a super mansion and only love you when you focus on the 400-year-old speculation. Only aliens, the earth does not!

Since there is no earth, you can only rely on yourself. According to a survey, more than 90% of single women tend to buy their own homes. In the concept of modern women, the house is no longer a "gift" for marriage. They are independent and independent. They know how to manage money and invest. They know how to buy a house by their own efforts in order to have a free and easy capital.

Because women are getting stronger and stronger, the number of high-quality women in the metropolis is also increasing. They longed for emotion but refused to compromise. They believe in life's own encounters, do not have to go to blind date, but also marry themselves. How can a single young woman increase the peach blossoms, and find the beasts in the heart? The famous Yi Li transport expert, fashion Feng Shui designer Huang Yunling pointed out that the common saying: the state of mind determines the fate. Have a good attitude, often more attractive than the dazzling makeup to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The mentality is often influenced by the living environment, and home feng shui can play a certain role in it.

Rescue method 1

Filled with evergreen plants in a vase

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the vase is an important arrangement that affects the peach blossom. If the vase is inserted with fake flowers, it is easy to provoke some love. Because fake flowers are inanimate, they can't bring vitality to the environment, but they show that a love is "flowers are blooming without fruit." Similarly, flowers that are easy to wither are also ominous. Therefore, it is best to insert some evergreen plants on the vase.

Rescue method 2

Install a soft light in the bedroom

Put a spotlight on your beautifully furnished bedroom. The soft lighting will make you feel restless and tired and relax, then concentrate on the beauty of the bedroom under the light, let the soft light bring The strong beauty of the world replaces the bad information in your nervous system, bringing you a calm, soft state of mind, and under the long-term influence of this environment, your temperament will be as bright as the moon.

Rescue method 3

Placed in pairs

Put those single items in pairs, such as a pair of love birds, a pair of romantic and beautiful candlesticks, two hearts of quartz texture, meaning a pair of pairs, can bring you Good love mentality.

Rescue method 4

Warming the cold iron window

If you look up from the window sill every day, the first thing that comes to your attention is the cold iron-and-aluminum window, which will inevitably form a state of mind and shape. There is a feeling of iron bars in the cage. The cold expression can't help but write on your face, and people can't get close. So to add curtains or a few pots of soft plants to the iron window, in addition to making your room warmer in the visual, it will also make you feel the warmth of the warmth.

Strong woman

TA said: Women have their own home, that is, marry.

After independence from the economy and accumulated a certain amount of work experience, he is unique in his work. If the business is successful, it is natural to buy a house. It doesn't matter if the future person has money, whether there is a room, whether there is a car, as long as there is a heart that is beating for you, everything is ready.

Suitable house one step in place small three room

In the case of economic ability, the one-stop small three-bedroom will not appear unsuitable for single-age young women who are first-time buyers. Under the current policy of restricting purchases and restricting loans, home buyers who purchase homes for the first time and home buyers who purchase houses for the second time are very different in applying for mortgages. The first home buyer has a minimum down payment of 30%, and the second home buyer has reduced the down payment to a minimum of 70%. And the current commercial banks are both accommodating and acknowledging the loan. As long as there is a loan record, even if the house is originally sold, it will be considered as the second suite when the house is purchased again. Therefore, it is very important to make good use of the qualifications of first-time buyers when economic capacity permits.

For single young women, the suburban market with convenient transportation and complete commercial facilities is a good choice. For example, there are a lot of Huanggang's Luogang, Panyu and Baiyun's Jinshazhou, which are just in need of supply. The future subway network in these areas will be more perfect, and various large-scale commercial facilities in the area will be built. Large-scale communities generally have a wealth of commercial facilities. For single young women, it is not too difficult to get shopping from everyday needs to leisure.

Family type

TA said: Be yourself, have a job you love, have your own circle of friends, don't give up your work and life for the family and children for a long time, let yourself live happily, and women will have glory.

Both emotional and rational, I believe that the true nature of life is to live an ordinary life, peace and happiness is their pursuit. Buying a house can not only make their life more stable, but also throw away the troubles of renting a house, and they can accumulate more capital for their stable family life by investing in real estate and making more reasonable geographical wealth.

Suitable house quality degree room

For a single young woman who wants to invest in a house, choose a suitable house. In addition to the price, the location of the house is very important. The location of the community is related to whether the house is easy to rent or not, and it is also related to future appreciation and change. For single young women with better financial ability, they can purchase a degree room with a better primary school degree in the urban area. Such a house with high-quality educational resources is not only the most valuable and most resistant to the current situation, but it is not necessary to worry about finding a receiver when it is rented or transferred. As a self-occupation, it is also a good idea to think twice for your future baby.

Some people may say that the current price of a degree room in the urban area is high, and it is not affordable for the average person. In fact, the price is relatively close to the people's degree room. In addition to the most abundant educational resources in Liwan, Yuexiu and Tianhe Districts, Haizhu District and Panyu District also have many high-quality primary schools. For example, in Haizhu District, there is a richer selection of academic rooms to choose from, while in Panyu District, newly developed communities are paying more attention to the construction of supporting primary schools. Many communities have been equipped with high-quality public primary schools at the beginning of construction.


TA said: Love the world, love yourself, is the two major issues of a woman's life. To love the world is a kind of generosity in the world; to love oneself is a kind of self-protection.

The stylish independent white-collar beauty pursues the perfect quality of life and emphasizes having its own independent living space. These women tend to be more avant-garde and open-minded, and their pursuit of fashion is not limited to a single item of clothing or accessories, but also their entire living space.

Suitable house downtown LOFT

For this type of women, it is quite a feeling to buy a LOFT apartment in the city center. At present, there are very rich apartment products in the market, whether in the central city or in the suburbs. The original flat-level unit of 40 to 50 square meters can only be a small single room, but after creating a small duplex unit, it can form a one-bedroom and one-bedroom structure. Living in a more homely atmosphere, there are more spaces to accommodate and move. Sometimes a space under the stairs can be used to create a cloakroom. And many of these products are of a commercial nature and will not occupy the number of home purchases when the family is to be formed in the future. At the same time, the current general price of such products has an advantage over the residential units in the same location. For example, the recently opened Yuexiu District Yudong Yayuan, the price of its small duplex apartment is about 38,000 yuan / square meter, and the residential unit is about 45,000 yuan / square meter. Another example is Baoli Tianyue, a large-scale real estate in Pazhou, Tianhe District. The average price of apartments is 26,000 yuan/square meter, but the price of residential units is 40,000-55,000 yuan/square meter. However, it should be noted that if such products are of a commercial nature, they will be subject to a land value-added tax when they are transferred in the future, and will face much higher taxes than residential units.

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