Learn wine from wine bottles and other packaging

First wine bottle

Before the wine is poured from the bottle, wine lovers can get a good impression from the bottle's appearance.

Most world-renowned winemakers follow the convention of using different bottle types to hold different types of wine. In the Americas, each wine-growing region uses its own unique bottle to hold wines to distinguish their own products. Over time, a whole system has been formed.

The most common is the true Bordeaux type used for dry red wines. The bottle is straight, wide-brimmed and green or brown. Sauternes and Bordeaux dry white wines are generally bottled in white bottles. The bottle size is generally 750 ml and 1500 ml.

Another type of red wine that is often used is the shoulder-sweeping Burgundy bottle, which has the same capacity as a Bordeaux bottle, but the color changes more than brown or green. It is also used to hold Chardonnay wines. Sauvignon wine or spiced wine. The use of this type of bottle for wine indicates that its producers want to make a Burgundy-style wine.

The tall, slender bottle type used to hold wines from Rhine, Mosel and Alsace is called a white wine bottle. In Europe, Rhine wines are in brown bottles and Mosel and Alsace wines are in green bottles. These wines generally have a high acidity.

Italian and Portuguese wines come in a variety of bottle styles, but it is famous for its long-necked bottles with straw-covered Chianti.

Champagne is bottled in a burgundy bottle, but the bottle wall is thick and there is a depression called the bottom of the boat at the bottom. The depression and thick walls reinforce the bottle's ability to withstand the pressure of champagne. There are two thicker and more obvious edges of this type of bottle, one of which is for capping during fermentation in bottles and the other for fixing corks.

Secondly cork

Cork stoppers made of soft oak and bark, sealing the bottle is a major event in the history of wine. Before the middle of the eighteenth century, it was impossible to achieve maturity in wine bottles.

Before that, wines were stored in wooden barrels and were only picked up when they were taken to the table. Some wines are packed in bottles sealed with wheat straws or placed on the surface of the wine to separate them from the air.

The use of cork stoppers is the best way to not completely isolate the air. This method began in the 18th century. The new bottle is placed so that the cork does not collapse and leak. The first application of a cork was on the way to Borto (Port) wine shipped to the United Kingdom, which was later used by Portugal and the French to seal the wine.

Three bottle caps

It is mainly used to prevent contact with insects, but it also plays a decorative role. Commonly used materials are plastic, tin, and lead (now obsolete and no longer used). Wax is a traditional sealant but is less reusable due to its porosity and cost.

Four trademarks

Trademarks are the business cards of wines. It is an advertisement, an invitation, but also a symbol of the goal and the pinnacle of art. It should be very attractive, reflecting the quality of the wine and providing a visual indication. In any case, it should not be lengthy and it must truly reflect the condition of the wine in the bottle. It contains enough information to reveal the identity or origin of Mingjiu.

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