Mastering make-up tips, makeup is always the same

I want to paint a long-lasting makeup that doesn't require makeup, but I don't have a long-lasting make-up at hand, just use some simple tips to make sure.

1, the foundation is not floating powder tips

If you use a foundation cream or a liquid foundation, it is best to use a sponge to flick vertically to make the foundation and skin more fused, and the foundation is more durable. If you use a dual-use foundation, you should screw the sponge to dryness, then apply the foundation to the foundation, then use the dried sponge, and then the foundation. The second foundation can replace the powder, so the foundation is not easy to float.

2, honey close to tips

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3, eyebrow shaping tips

First, set the eyebrow shape with the eyebrow pencil, use a thin eye shadow pen to pry some water, get the water to dry quickly, rub the eyebrow powder or eye shadow powder, and brush the eyebrow shape along the shape of the eyebrows. A little water can make the eyebrows easier to fix on your eyebrows.

4, eye shadow does not fall off tips

The eye shadow area should also be applied to the foundation when applying makeup. Eyeshadow brush or eye shadow stick with a small amount of water, use the facial tissue to absorb the moisture attached to the eye shadow brush. When the eye shadow brush is dry, apply the eye shadow powder and apply it by pressing. Such eyeshadows are not easy to fall, and the color of the eyeshadow is better.

5, eyeliner lasting tips

Eyeliner durability is not as good as eyeliner, but as long as you use an eyeliner and then add a layer of eye shadow powder on the eyeliner, you can use this layer of eye shadow powder to make the eyeliner last longer. Before the upper eyeliner, first make a powder on the eyeliner to get the lasting effect you want.

6, blush makeup tips

After finishing the foundation, use your fingers to paste the blush, faintly smear on the tibia and then apply the powder, and finally powdery blush with a similar color to the creamy blush.

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