New packaging materials will further enhance the health value of functional beverages

A Spanish dairy company is working on a packaging system that can help maintain the integrity of probiotics and further enhance the value of functional beverages. The anonymous company and the Spanish new company Nanobiomatters, the Spanish Association of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Technology and the International Air Transport Association jointly designed the CSIC test project. After testing, the probiotics worked together with milk or juice drinks to reach the designated location. When it is cecum, it still retains its good function.

Dr. José Lagaron, coordinator of the CSIC project explained that the direct application of biological agents in food is a damage to the food itself. It will lead to a large loss of probiotics in the handling and shelf life of the product, and it will also enter the human stomach. Lead to the death of a large number of probiotics.
The main purpose of the research technology is to protect the function of probiotics before they enter the human body. It is also possible to use coating techniques or fusion processing techniques to apply beneficial enzymes to packaging materials.

The coating technology will use microorganisms genetically engineered biopolymers, a sufficient amount of edible polysaccharides, proteins, lipids and specific microbial composite materials. In order to bring the probiotics to market, Nanobiomatters and the anonymous company will carefully design packaging products or use existing packaging prototypes on the market, such as straw and specially processed sealing product lines. These packaging designs have a long shelf life and they keep the probiotics separate from the product until they are consumed. Lagaron said that many dairy companies have already developed a strong interest in our products, especially dairy companies in Spain and France, and they are looking for commercial use of the product.

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