Océ recently launched a new large-format copier

On September 14, Océ Corporation announced the launch of a new Océ TDS100 large-format copier that enables simple, high-quality copying of all types of originals. Because today's business needs to increase the productivity of technical documentation workflows to meet shorter deadlines, the Océ TDS100 can immediately make quick copying and easy operations, simply by leveraging its green button.

Product Highlights:
(1) Copy 10 inches per minute.
(2) No warm-up, no waiting.

feature of product:
(1) Easy to operate: You can place originals or printing materials first, and even if the originals are of poor quality or very thick, you can copy the images from various originals onto transparent or opaque substrates.
(2) Ink cartridge replacement cleaning: The closed cartridge system can be left without residue.
(3) Since odor, noise, and heat dissipation are very small, it can be freely placed according to the needs of the work area, and it can even be placed beside a drawing table or a CAD workbench. Modular design can be configured according to your needs, including desktop or stand-up.

Source: NPES

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