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"Logistics Service" Logistics Solution

The rapid development of the publishing and printing industry in the world and the increasingly severe competition have forced publishers and printing service companies to constantly innovate and maintain their flexibility to protect their business areas.
By adopting logistics company's solutions, minimizing inventory in all aspects and converting the flow of goods into goods, logistics companies have promoted the development of printing service companies, and have continuously improved the flow of products and optimized the total flow, while ensuring that products are in place. This will reduce the cost of the supply chain. Printing service companies can reduce inventory holding while maintaining service quality and flexibly meet market needs, even though the demand for goods is always in a state of fluctuation.

Today, 'Print on Demand (POD)' and 'Just in Time' (JIT) are the goals pursued by customers of universal printing services. Digitalization of the printing process, customer requirements Print production cycle is continuously shortened (to 5 to 7 days) and the distribution channel is streamlined and transparent, so that the printing plant must reorganize its supply chain so that it can achieve a good economic cost-effectiveness and be able to Focus on its own core business. In the United States and Europe, many graphic printing companies, such as AlphaGraphics and Kinko Express, have collaborated with local logistics giants such as FedEx or UPS to establish logistics outsourcing services.

Optimize the innovative solutions for sending prints to customers or readers

The foreign printing industry gradually began to "outsource" non-core businesses such as logistics. Intricate logistical work requires smart and efficient solutions. More material suppliers, printing manufacturers and logistic suppliers will jointly participate in and formulate relevant logistics solutions, which will certainly improve the practicality and effectiveness of the plans, and better meet the actual issuance needs of customers and end-users, thus expanding the dissemination of print media. Business opportunities in publishing and education.

Individual logistics companies and customer partners jointly design and develop advanced supply chain management systems for graphic arts materials, which can help print service industry to increase sales volume, reduce investment risks, and effectively and professionally operate the entire supply chain. From prepress to printing to postpress, including the distribution of paper, materials, inks, film, optical discs (electronic files), logistics companies can create and implement a comprehensive supply chain system to ensure reliable and dependable logistics. service. The high-quality, innovative supply chain solution integrates physical, information, and financial needs, and enables customers to better utilize existing resources and focus more on their core business.

Supply chain is fully transparent

Experienced print industry professionals know how to adjust the graphic arts workflow and use the best supply chain to meet the needs of customers. By optimizing the logistics company's supply chain network within the existing courier services, and strengthening the specific customer relationship management and one-stop purchasing and logistics operation modes, the printing service companies can use one source to regulate all areas of logistics services.

Collective scale is a prerequisite for resource collaboration

"Convergence" - the concept of avant-garde collective sharing of storage resources for paper suppliers, material suppliers (such as ink, roller, blankets, plate cleaners, etc.), equipment and consumable parts suppliers (such as printing presses and Binding machine parts, accessories, etc.), printing houses, publishing houses and end customers, in close attention to the whereabouts of their own goods, jointly share the resources and services of warehousing, transportation and distribution provided by an independent logistics company.

The goods of different graphic arts merchants have arrived at a large storage and delivery center shared by many companies. Through the central deployment, the logistics company synthesizes the shipping instructions of different merchants and integrates the 'consolidated' transportation arrangements, and ships them to the individual printing service companies according to the designated destination. The extra "comprehensive" shipment will reduce the frequency of transportation and reduce the cost of the whole and each participating unit. Each customer can thus save money in administration and transportation, and the air pollution generated by the engine is also reduced. Logistics companies specialize in business processes and high-standard information systems to provide printing services companies with many additional business advantages, such as cost transparency and high efficiency, so that they can better control the "critical performance indicators."

Traditional printing process = adding ink on the surface of different types of paper to make images and text appear,
It is converted into various types of printed materials or newspapers through postpress processing.

Therefore, most of the logistic workload of the printing service industry is also located in prepress and postpress paper storage, transportation and deployment operations. In the logistics management process, paper mills from all over the world first send paper to a central storage warehouse in a certain area, or to paper distributors and material logistics centers not far from most printing plants, waiting for orders and distributors of potential businesses. Shipping instructions. Collectively shared warehouses allow printers to reduce the backlog of paper purchases, reduce the overall inventory of excess paper and fluctuations in seasonal demand, and convert printing plant fixed costs into variable costs.

The material logistics center, which optimizes material flow in the prepress and postpress stages, must meet the following conditions:

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