Packaging coating solid content determination

Packaging paints provide color and protection. Whether it is an oil-soluble or water-soluble coating, an important criterion for measuring the quality of a stable product is the solids content of the coating. Coating experts from the Schekolin company in Liechtenstein have used METTLER TOLEDO's halogen moisture analyzers for many years to quickly and efficiently determine the solids content of paints and coatings.

Fast and efficient

Schekolin offers coating solutions for cans, hoses and caps made of metal and plastic. According to the functional and applied technology, the formulation of the coating has a huge difference, mainly reflected in the solid content, the difference is usually from about 30% to 80% range. The standard solids content of the coating was determined according to the German Industrial Standard (DIN) using the oven method. At Schekolin, using METTLER TOLEDO's Halogen Moisture Analyzer can achieve the same results in a short amount of time. The graphical user guidance of the HR83 makes it easy for Shekolin's lab technicians to choose a preset drying method. If none of the currently available methods can be applied to a new coating solids determination, the built-in test function can assist in finding the best test parameters.

The typical drying temperature for oil-soluble coatings is usually between 180-200 °C, and the drying time is only 3 to 6 minutes. For moisture determination, a paste or viscous coating sample is dispersed on an adsorbent glass fiber disc to prevent the formation of conjunctiva and to ensure that the same type of sample is dispensed together. The fast halogen heating technology and its highly accurate temperature control ensure that the target temperature is reached quickly and the sample is evenly heated, thus ensuring accurate and reproducible solid content data.

Compared with the traditional oven method, Schekolin can now develop and test new coatings more efficiently with the HR83 Halogen Moisture Analyzer.

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