Password built-in security cigarette case using network identification

Patent application number .3
Abstract: The utility model discloses a password built-in anti-counterfeit cigarette case identified by using a network. Its characteristics are: a serial number and a password are provided on the inside of the main body of the packaging box. The serial number is used for statistical inquiry by product manufacturers and sellers. The password can be printed on the production line of the box or on the packaging. In the above, its position can be covered in the folded part of the cigarette cover, and it can also be set in any Other part. When people buy a product, they can only see the product serial number inside the box after opening the box and destroying the integrity of the box. If consumers want to know the authenticity of the product, they can enter the serial number of the password combination product into the network system, enter the pre-set security website, query various information, and communicate with the merchant to confirm the authenticity. After such a box or bag is used, it can effectively prevent the counterfeiter from using the discarded box or bag to counterfeit.

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