Plastic bottle companies need to strengthen their innovation

In the plastic bottle industry, we found that all innovations come from upstream raw materials and downstream markets. For example, the research and development of raw materials for hot-filled plastic bottles rely mainly on petrochemical enterprises and the improvement of raw materials for high-impedance pesticide bottles. However, the lightweight and bottle-shaped design of beverage bottles come from beverage manufacturers and so on. Plastic bottles are in the middle of the market, and they are labor-intensive and low-value added. The lack of innovation in the industry has led to low profits.

For the innovation of the plastic bottle industry, we should be the discovery that a competitive enterprise should make efforts in the future. Innovation can start from several aspects. First of all, plastic bottle companies want to be in the leading position in the industry. For the improvement and innovation of raw materials, through patent protection, they can finally take the lead in the industry. A well-known example of the packaging industry is Tetra Pak. Through the innovation of packaging, mastering liquid foil carton foil packaging technology, it has established its own packaging kingdom in the world beverage packaging market. Second, it is through the plastic bottle shape design and patent protection. Many plastic bottle companies only produce foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals through the design departments of their own companies or by well-known design companies. Plastic bottle companies will be in a dominant position in market competition through innovation and marketing promotion in bottle shape design. The famous example is naturally the Coca-Cola patented beverage bottle.

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