Pregnant moms choose sunscreen tops for summer hot days

Summer is hot, plus pregnancy, hot and dry, but do not want to be hurt by the sun, pregnant moms are more adequate than other people's sun protection measures. So, what sunscreen should pregnant women use? Xiaobian puts forward some suggestions for your reference.

1 Do not use sunscreen products that have whitening effect at the same time.

Pregnant moms choose sunscreen tops summer hot days

Whitening products with whitening function are added with harmful metal elements such as mercury, lead, Kun or a large amount of finely divided titanium dioxide. Long-term absorption of mercury in the skin can lead to nervous system disorders, vision loss, kidney damage, hearing loss, skin mucous membrane sensitivity and the ability to enter the embryo from the mother, affecting embryo development.

BelliPregnancy anti-plaque facial sunscreen SPF25 for pregnant women

Pregnant moms choose sunscreen tops summer hot days

Belli is the only company in the world that is involved in the prevention and prevention of congenital malformations and birth defects. The standards for product safety requirements are recommended to the maternity hospitals in this regard. BELLI is an authoritative company specializing in the development and production of special skin care products for pregnant women in the United States. All products are made from pure natural animal and plant extracts to ensure the safety of pregnant women and contain no harmful ingredients for the baby.

2 Avoid sunscreen with quick-acting skin rejuvenation

If a sunscreen can also make the skin delicate and smooth within a week, then its ingredients are questionable. Studies have found that when a small amount of hormone is added to a sunscreen, the skin becomes full and moist, but after a large amount of use, dryness and plaque may occur.

FANCL no added sunscreen sunscreen lotion SPF30PA+++ pregnant women available

Pregnant moms choose sunscreen tops summer hot days

3 recognize the identity of sunscreen products

When choosing a sunscreen, pay attention to the logo on the package. Including product name, manufacturer and address, health permit, production license, implementation standard name, production date, shelf life or production batch number and limited date, instructions for use. In addition, a special use license number is required on the logo of the sunscreen. When purchasing imported cosmetics, you must also look for the import license number and the name and address of the dealer.

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