Reversible barcode technology

In the United States, several beverage suppliers are preparing to experiment with a reversible bar code technology that can indicate whether a beverage is hot or cold when it is sold.

The information collected by the barcode can indicate whether the beverage is stored in a refrigerator or at room temperature, or can indicate whether the temperature of the storage compartment needs to be lowered again. P0P Technology, based in Florida, USA, is responsible for the sale of thermal barcode technology licenses. Colorado's C h r0m ati C Technologies, Inc. provides ink and technical support for the printing of bar codes and is responsible for their storage. Ch romatic Technologies began printing bar codes in September 2004. Bar codes can be printed directly on the package or printed on the label attached to the package. At present, the specific date for the commercial operation of this technology has not yet been finalized. The reversible barcode uses two SKUs to identify the temperature of the stored beverage.

Chromatic Technologies believes that there is a very broad market for thermo-colored barcodes, and thermal inks will be integrated directly into the packaging.

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