SAP validates DataLink Integration for Acsis

Acsis is a chain of software companies located in the city of Marlton, New Jersey, United States. It was certified by enterprise software provider SAP as Acsis Datalink Enterprise platform, Acsis Datalink Enterprise from RFID interrogators, barcode scanners or other data acquisition devices. Collect data and send it to other systems, such as RFID middleware. The purpose of this comprehensive verification program design is to ensure that SAP's users can easily integrate the auto-ID data collected from the device management platform into the RFID middleware of SAP's automatic identification system. SAP NetWeaver System The components, integrated business platform and a system of raw data. To be able to pass SAP's verification, Datalink must pass the following three main tests: collect RFID data and send it to AII; receive the AII generated EPC, the decoding of the tag; send the decode command to the RFID print encoder to write the EPC into the embedded Smart tag. Acsis was the first integrated certification company to participate in SAP's AII and completed the validation test with SAP at the Palo Alto Lab. SAP said that they are working with many other equipment management software vendors to verify the program's work. They will also work with RFID readers and encoder manufacturers to provide comprehensive verification of these devices.

Source: RFID Radio Express

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