Sterile paper milk packaging has the longest shelf life

The weather is hot and you should pay special attention to food safety when purchasing and drinking milk. Below, we will teach you how to purchase milk through packaging and understand the features of various products.

Sterile Paper Packaging: Tetra Pak

The common beneficial bricks and tirole pillows packaged in sterile paper are “normal temperature milk” or “sterilized milk” or “UHT milk”. UHT is actually the abbreviation of UHT. The packaged milk is immediately sterilized with high temperature and the milk is packed into Tetra Pak or Tila pillow aseptic packaging. From a nutritional point of view, although this kind of milk is ultra-high temperature disinfection, due to the very short time of disinfection, the main nutrients, such as protein and calcium, are basically not damaged.

Reminder: Tetra Pak is a six-layer composite package consisting of paper, aluminum, and plastic that effectively separates milk from air, light, and bacteria. Aluminum foil plays an important role in isolating light and air. Preservative-free, can be stored at room temperature, and the shelf life is longer.

Sterile plastic bags

Sterile plastic bag milk is also "UHT milk" and it is filled under sterile conditions so it can be stored at room temperature. However, its packaging materials and the aseptic paper packaging paper aluminum plastic six-layer composite materials are very different. This kind of plastic bag is relatively thin. Even if it is specially treated, its effect of shielding light cannot be compared with aluminum foil. Therefore, the shelf life is only 30 days.

Reminder: This kind of packaging is more economical, but its material is thin, and it is easy to appear broken bags. Please pay special attention to whether the packaging is in good condition when purchasing.

Roof package

The roof pack is a paper-plastic composite package containing pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is a kind of “low-temperature bactericidal milk”, and some microorganisms will remain in the raw milk. Therefore, this milk needs to be refrigerated in an environment of about 4°C from leaving the production line to transportation, sales, and storage. To prevent the microorganisms inside from being "active".

Reminder: The shelf life of pasteurized milk is generally about 7 days. On hot days, the imperfections in the cold chain can easily cause such milk to “bump” and deteriorate.

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