Suntory launches Japan's "thinest" beverage bottle label

On June 28th, Suntory announced the successful development of the “thinest” Japanese domestic beverage bottle packaging material, which is only 18 microns. Prior to this, the thinnest packaging material for Japanese domestic beverage bottles was Ito Garden's "Oyam Tea" (20 microns). The Suntory research and development material was thinned by 2 micrometers and became the thinnest in Japan. Suntory's successfully developed product is 40% thinner than the previous packaging (30 micron). Beginning in late September, Suntory's two-liter “natural water” brand of mineral water will use this material. 500 ml of "natural water" will also be used in this package after the spring of next year. The use of this material can greatly reduce the amount of plastic used, and can reduce 170 tons of CO2 per year (equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted by 34 households in a year).

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