The company saves beverage bottle raw materials and employees steal and sell

In the warehouse of the Yangzhou Dingjin Food Factory, as many as several tens of tons of raw materials for the production of beverage bottles, plastic PET particles, have accumulated. For these extra raw materials, only Zhou, the head of the company's raw material group, knew the specific amount. Since the heap was left unattended in the warehouse for a long time, Zhou moved his brains. At the end of June 2009 and early July 2009, Zhou Xu, who was the warehouse custodian, said: "It's better to sell the extra goods and change the money, but no one found it anyway." Xu readily agreed.

As the actual consumption of beverage bottles by the company is lower than the production standard of the factory, the head of the raw material group of a food factory in Yangzhou and the warehouse custodian waited on the dozens of tons of raw materials in the company's warehouse. . The three “oil-polluters” secretly withheld 34 tons of raw materials purchased by the company and sold them to Zhejiang Haining for more than 250,000 yuan. At present, the case has been terminated by the investigation of the public security department of the city and transferred to the Procuratorate for review and prosecution.

It turned out that in the production of beverage bottles, the head office gave each branch a standard consumption value of 25 grams. However, due to the advanced equipment of the Yangzhou branch, the actual production of a beverage bottle uses only 24.2 grams of plastic PET particles. Each production of a drink bottle requires 0.8 grams of more plastic PET particles. Last year, more than 40 tons of PET particles were produced. , to give Zhou to facilitate the sale of raw materials. The price certification center identified the value of the above raw materials as 292,000 yuan.

On July 20, Zhou agreed with Zhao, the company’s contracted scrap purchaser, that he was responsible for flattening the company’s accounts, and Zhao was responsible for contacting the delivery driver and handling the goods. On July 26, Zhao called the delivery driver and confirmed that there was cargo to be sent to the Top Food Factory. Thus, Zhao asked the driver to wait for him at the exit of the Yangzhou North Ring Expressway. About 12:00 noon, the truck appeared. Zhao proposed that the driver should send the goods to Xiaoshan and give the freight of 4,000 yuan. The driver agreed. In a short time, the warehouse custodian Xu rushed over from the company, signed the letter on the return receipt, and stamped the company’s receipt special seal.

It turned out that Zhao had long ago contacted himself with a friend named Sheng Shan of Xiaoshan and found a good buyer. Shengmou proposed a price of 7300 yuan a ton, a total of 34.65 tons of goods, the price is 250,000 yuan. On the way to the shipment to Xiaoshan, Zhao received a telephone call from Sheng to send the goods directly to Xiasha in Zhejiang Province and told him to “delivery” with a boss named Lin.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Lin gave Zhao the first payment of 100,000 yuan in cash, and promised that the remaining money would hit Zhao's card two or three days later. On the evening of July 30, Zhao secretly “retained” 20,000 yuan and handed 80,000 yuan in cash to Zhou.

The money hasn't been "hot", Zhou and others have entered the public security agency's field of vision. According to reports, on the morning of July 31, Zhou and Xu were summoned to the public security agency for questioning. On the same day, Zhao also took the initiative to surrender to the police station. According to Zhou’s confession after the incident, the excess of raw materials actually turned out to be too advanced.

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