The Kjeldahl instrument uses the Kjeldahl method to detect nitrogen content

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Scope of application

The Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer uses the Kjeldahl method to detect ammonia, protein nitrogen content, phenol, volatile fatty acids, cyanide, sulfur dioxide, and ethanol in grains, food, feed, water, soil, sludge, sediments and chemicals . It has a very good price-performance ratio. Only the titration process requires manual operation, which is very suitable for routine testing in laboratories and inspection institutions. It is widely used in the analysis of nitrogen content or protein content of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizers and other samples.

Principle: The organic compound is heated with sulfuric acid to convert the nitrogen into ammonium sulfate. In this step, potassium sulfate is often added to the mixture to increase the boiling point of the intermediate product. The end point of the analysis process of the sample is well judged, because at this time the mixture becomes colorless and transparent (it is dark at the beginning). A small amount of sodium hydroxide is added to the resulting solution and then distilled. This step converts the ammonium salt to ammonia. The total amount of ammonia (directly determined by the nitrogen content of the sample) will be determined by back titration: the end of the condenser will be immersed in the boric acid solution. Ammonia will react with acid, and excess acid will use sodium carbonate as indicated by methyl orange. The result obtained by titration is multiplied by a specific conversion factor to obtain the result.

Application of Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer technology

The operation is extremely simple, and one-button operation can be performed through quick programming. There are different language menus to choose from. 2. Equipped with optical and acoustic fault alarm system. The digestive tube is not in place or placed incorrectly, the safety door is not closed, the instrument does not start, the acid, alkali and diluent are lacking, the host can quickly detect and suspend the experiment, automatic alarm prompt, extremely convenient, safe and reliable. 3. Door contact safety switch. 4. Programmable reaction and distillation time. 5. Automatic steam power generation. The steam power generation can be adjusted from 40% to 100%. 6. Measuring range: 0.1-200mg 7. Nitrogen recovery rate 99.5% 8. Repeatability ± 1%

9. Distilling between standby operations. 10. Independent cleaning program. 11. Add sodium hydroxide automatically and manually. 12. RS232 interface. 13. Condensation water consumption: 5 l / min

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer function:

1. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer adopts microcomputer for process control, including manual mode and automatic mode, which can be set and switched according to your needs:

In automatic mode: complete the whole process of adding alkali, boric acid, distillation, ammonia absorption, the volume of boric acid and alkali addition and the time of distillation and absorption process can be set by yourself

In manual mode: the three processes of adding boron, adding alkali and distilling and absorption can be operated manually, and the volume and time can be controlled independently to meet the needs of professional users.

2. Large-screen dot-matrix LCD display, full Chinese menu, touch buttons, simple and convenient operation.

3. Automatic distillation control, automatic water addition, automatic water level control, automatic water stop and low water pressure alarm.

4. Various safety protections: digestion tube safety door device, steam generator water shortage alarm.

5. Can store operating procedures.

6. The shell of the instrument is made of special sprayed steel plate, and the working area is made of ABS anti-corrosion plate and stainless steel bottom plate.

7. Prevent chemical corrosion and mechanical damage to the surface, acid and alkali resistant.

8. Water level detection, low water level alarm, automatic power off.

9. The digester is not included in the standard configuration. The digester is optional. It is recommended to choose the C-type digester.

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