The war between home stores and e-commerce platforms still needs to be run in line.

Although the O2O model has become one of the important auxiliary forces of Tmall's "Double 11" campaign this year, for the home industry, this power is not so powerful. Whether it is from online to offline, or traditional enterprises to open online channels, O2O has become a hot spot. However, different people have different understandings of O2O, specifically to the home field. Although there are various explorations of various enterprises from their own advantages, there is still no successful model.

O2O becomes a trend?

According to industry analysts, the biggest difference between the “Double 11” and the past is the much-watched O2O model. For example, Suning Yunshang took the lead in holding the "O2O online shopping festival", followed by Gome, Tmall and Intime Commercial Group and other e-commerce companies have also followed the strategy. Mo Yiqing, an analyst at the China E-Commerce Research Center, believes that e-commerce companies are extending offline and building a complete sales and experience chain, and the extension of traditional retail enterprises across the border has become a trend.

However, in the trillion-dollar market of the home industry, the road to extension of the e-commerce line is not so smooth. Just after Tmall carefully laid out the O2O solution for the home furnishing industry, launched the home improvement O2O service, and launched the Alipay POS machine to the cooperative home enterprise, it was resolutely resisted by 19 home stores. In this regard, Wang Linpeng, the president of the Real Home Group, believes that the Tmall O2O model allows consumers to go to the store to try on clothes and hand over the money to Tmall. From a moral point of view, it is unfair.

Home O2O is still groping

Chen Zhiyu, president of Beijing Aibo Investment Co., Ltd., believes that the idea that the store does not want to put its sales on other platforms can be understood, but if the company can not put the reserve price online, it will become a huge resistance for the store to do e-commerce. On the other hand, the O2O model, which has been discussed in the heat, is the highlight of the major e-commerce platforms this year, but it is also different. It seems to be an all-encompassing model.

This model can not only promote the upgrading of the business model of the e-commerce industry, but also open up online channels for traditional retail enterprises. Group purchases such as the public comment can be sold offline through online coupons. For example, Ctrip can book O2O by booking air tickets and booking hotels online. Gao Leyang, CEO of Melody Furniture Network, believes that O2O is actually a big hat, but all wired and offline, such as online marketing, offline service or experience, can be called O2O mode.

Different people can have different understandings of O2O. It is not very meaningful to talk about O2O in an empty way. In the home field, offline experience is also needed. However, Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza, believes that the current home furnishing industry has not yet made the O2O model and the offline experience hall a very successful case. "No matter it is Hongmei Mall, Sina's home, so far, It’s all lessons more than experience.”

Online and offline still need to "run in"

After Tmall’s home improvement O2O project was forced to terminate, many e-commerce comment sites said that consumers’ online ordering and offline experience have gradually become the first choice for shopping. Tmall wants to bring home to the trillion-dollar market. The torrent of development of the times, 19 traditional home stores, this move is undoubtedly contrary to the development trend. Tmall's official spokesperson also said that it is meaningless to keep the Tmall out of the store. Don't keep consumers and the Internet out.

Even in the home sector, there are not a few people who have this view. In this regard, Wang Xiaokang, the general manager of the home appliance business, believes that “resistance” is actually not accurate. Actually, the home is also determined that e-commerce is the trend of the times, and enterprises will inevitably adapt to the trend of the times. Therefore, the actual home does not resist e-commerce, nor does it resist O2O. It just does not recognize that Tmall will transfer the consumers of the store through the so-called O2O model.

Liu Yang also believes that from the perspective of consumers, in addition to the product itself meets the requirements, consumers certainly hope to have more convenient purchase methods and services. At present, because most furniture and building materials manufacturers do not have a nationwide networked after-sales service system, the store guarantees consumers a comprehensive service through unified cashier and advance payment. Liu Yang said that the future of O2O is a consumer trend, but at present, Tmall Alipay has a conflict with the unified cash register of the store, and there is still a way to go in the future.

Jimei Home, which is also involved in signing the "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work," has different understandings of the O2O model of e-commerce. Shen Yaojun, vice president of Jimei Home Furnishing Group, believes that furniture and building materials are only sold in semi-finished products. Most of the products are not shipped home, and there is a very professional installation process. The installation value may be greatly reduced. Therefore, the O2O model is not suitable for furniture and building materials. Shen Yaojun said, “It is almost impossible to achieve profit. Even if it is realized, the share will not be too large. The role of the network can be more reflected in propaganda.”

O2O is Online To Offline, which combines the opportunity of offline business with the Internet to make the Internet a front-end for offline transactions.

â–  Focus tracking

National Store Alliance VS Tmall A PK on "O2O"

July to September

After signing the O2O business contract with the home improvement company, Tmall launched the home improvement O2O service and launched the Alipay mobile POS machine to the cooperative home enterprise.

October 14

The Tmall home improvement O2O project officially appeared on the "Double 11" event page.

October 23

As the member of the Presidium of the China Association for the Advancement of the Market, including the Home of the House, Red Star Macalline, Jisheng Weibang, Jimei, Golden Horse Triumph, Ou Yada, Yuexing, etc., the largest 19 chain or regional hypermarkets in China's home furnishing industry In the name of the joint venture, the "Opinions on Standardizing E-Commerce Work" was signed.

The "Opinions" clearly stipulates that "the market can not be disguised to make the store become an offline experience place for e-commerce." "Without the permission of the store, it is not allowed to use the trademarks and trade names of the stores for publicity. It is not allowed to transfer the business of the store to him through the e-commerce mobile POS machine. Trading."

October 27

Red Star Macalline President Che Jianxin’s WeChat screenshot was sent online. “It is strictly forbidden for any merchant to spread or promote the 'Double 11' activities on other e-commerce lines in any form in the store; strictly investigate the merchants to use the Tmall POS machine to the line. Sales are made on the market; merchants are strictly forbidden to ship orders for the factory on other e-commerce lines."

October 30-31

The merchants of the actual family also received formal notices, strictly prohibiting the following acts of the manufacturers and merchants: 1. Without the written permission of the store, using the trademarks or trade names of the stores or the stores to promote and promote the e-commerce; 2. Without the permission of the store Install or use other people's e-commerce POS to transfer the business of the store to other places; 3. In the case of not reporting to the store and adjusting the price of the store to the same line, the online promotion at a price lower than the store.

November 3

Tmall urgently issued a notice called "Home Improvement O2O Business Termination Agreement" to the home improvement seller. According to the content of the notice, the effectiveness of the O2O supplemental agreement will be lifted, which means that the merchants will not be able to conduct offline marketing activities such as Tmall and other e-commerce platforms in the future.

Due to the special nature of home products, the offline experience is the best trick for home furnishing stores.

Industry sound

The store "does an e-commerce" is a protection vendor

Wang Linpeng, President of the Real Estate Group

From the perspective of consumption patterns, even in the home industry, many people do not have to queue up for payment, and the same consumer behavior of the same consumer may have multiple channels. At the economic symposium held by Premier Li Keqiang in the past few days, Ma Yun, a representative of the e-commerce industry, also said that the speed of e-commerce development should not be 60% now, but more than double growth, currently hindering the development of e-commerce. , is the logistics system and follow-up services.

Therefore, the e-commerce era is really coming, and the e-commerce in the home industry is even more urgent. In the past, simply thinking that this industry has strong personalization and large cost of distribution services will break through with the development of science and technology. At present, many manufacturers have done through such a platform as Tmall. Although the sales volume has increased, the gross profit has dropped drastically. The manufacturers have become offline dealers of e-commerce, and dealers have ceased to exist. Therefore, the store to build an e-commerce platform is to set up its own online sales platform for the current manufacturers and distributors to protect everyone from being eliminated by this era.

There are more reasons to be cheaper

Wu Nani, Vice President, Qumei Furniture Group

Online shopping is a self-service consumption, which is different from the offline experience. The online shopping itself has a bad experience, so consumers have only one reason to shop online before, and it is cheap. However, the result of the price war is likely to cause manufacturers and dealers to start shoddy and reduce product costs. Therefore, the future of Qumei e-commerce must pay more attention to the needs of service consumers.

The focus of Qumei Furniture's e-commerce development is to give consumers more reasons than cheap. Although Qu Miao is the brand's online first experience, the “Star Experience Show”, “Live Broadcast Good”, “Experience Pack”, “Hook Shot Plan”, “Rocket Shipment”, etc. are all helpful. Activities that enhance consumer trust and promote industry development. At present, Qu Miao Furniture's fashion and innovative "cat ear" bed, leisure chair and other fashionable personality products have also had good sales results.

Tmall sales data is not ideal

Gao Yang, CEO of Melody Furniture Network

Overall, Tmall's operation on the "Double 11" this year is relatively successful, but the original clothing, home textiles and other categories have done a better job, and the new categories, especially the expansion of furniture, building materials and other categories are not obvious. Furniture and building materials can be said to have been relatively small, and have always been shortcomers of e-commerce. These non-standard, relatively heavy and relatively expensive products, offline experience is very important, mainstream consumers will not only buy pictures.

This time Tmall made 350 billion a day. To be honest, this data is lower than we predicted. I think it is not unrelated to Tmall's resistance to O2O in the hypermarket. Therefore, I can only hope that Tmall will continue to exert strength on O2O next year to see if there is a better strategy.

O2O can increase the credibility of the network

Kirin, Chairman of the Jingpai Furniture Brand Alliance, President of Ronglin Home Chain

Actually, this time, the O2O form and model were put forward, and the brand status of the high-end home industry continued to be adhered to. As far as I am concerned, there are two main themes, which cannot be replaced by the original network.

First, O2O is increasing the credibility of the network, which is currently missing on the Internet. Because we can buy cheap, can buy fast, but it is difficult to buy trust, O2O's first approach is to tell consumers that we have a brand, offline stores, these are difficult to replace other networks.

Second, O2O has increased the possibility of service. Because the service system of a single e-commerce brand does not have its own logistics system, the only way is to cooperate with third-party logistics. However, with the size of the physical store of the current home, that is, 77 stores in the country, the number of signing stores has reached more than 120, which can radiate many fields. Then our service is achievable, giving consumers more protection.

Future interpretation

Will O2O be the direction?

Profitability is the ultimate goal of business operations. However, at present, traditional enterprises have little profit in terms of e-commerce business. The words of Yang Tao, the chairman of Cool Man, have made people feel the hard road of e-commerce: "Cool Man made 200 million last year, but lost 26 million."

Some insiders revealed to reporters: "Single sales on the network, operating costs such as Tmall, Alipay, TP (e-commerce outsourcing service provider) and personnel costs almost accounted for 15% of turnover. On the online shopping platform, there are few products with a profit margin of more than 20%.

If you look at e-commerce as an independent business, it is definitely not profitable. Brands are involved in e-commerce, for traffic, for brand promotion, in order to occupy the highlands of e-commerce, in order to get a slice of the future business model change. ”

It is undeniable that the consumer groups accustomed to online shopping are young consumers. Most of them don’t know much about furniture products and furniture brands. However, as the main force in the future consumer market, the large-scale investment of furniture companies is hope. In the future, when these consumers reach a certain purchasing power, they will gain a favorable position when they compete for market sites. Xiu Jun, executive vice president of Huari Furniture, said: "70%-80% of people who buy our furniture online do not know the Huari brand. They choose the brand to be guided by the public mind, and the online sales can play a role in publicity and promotion. It is."

On the road of home e-commerce exploration, O2O's home e-commerce model is gradually recognized. Nowadays, traditional furniture has begun to learn to set up a new online brand, which is different from the offline product positioning. By controlling the price or compensation, the existing dealers can undertake the services of experience, transportation and after-sales.

For example, Huari Furniture's "Shangmu Home" and Qumei Furniture's "Qumiao", etc.; November 11th, actually online, the home store through the online platform to drain the store. This model, which guarantees the profit of the current offline storefront and the resources of the online platform, is the most moderate and conservative for most home furnishing enterprises, and has become a new direction for the future development of home e-commerce.

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