Three-level maintenance system for high-pressure hose equipment

The three-level maintenance system was started in the mid-1960s in China. Before summing up, the pre-repair system of the Soviet Union Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd. was based on the practice in China.

The three-level maintenance system was started in the mid-1960s in China. After summarizing the pre-repair system of the former Soviet Union Mechanical Seal Co., Ltd., based on the practice in China, it gradually improved and developed a maintenance and repair system, which reflects the equipment maintenance management in China. The shift of the center of gravity mechanical drawing software from repair to maintenance reflects the advancement of equipment maintenance management in our country and the more clear maintenance management policy that focuses on prevention. The three-level maintenance system includes: daily maintenance of equipment, first-level maintenance and second-level maintenance. The three-level maintenance system is based on the operator, and the system is mainly based on the guarantee, the warranty and the mandatory maintenance system of the machine. The three-level maintenance system is an effective method for relying on the masses, giving full play to the enthusiasm of the masses, implementing group management and group repairs, combining special groups with groups, and improving equipment maintenance and maintenance of agricultural machinery.

(1) Daily maintenance of high-pressure hose equipment The daily maintenance of equipment generally includes daily maintenance and weekly mechanical processing and maintenance, also known as daily maintenance and weekly maintenance. 1. Daily routine guarantee Daily routine guarantee is carried out by the equipment operator on duty, earnestly accomplishing four things in mechanical design and manufacturing before the shift, five attentions during the shift and four things after the shift. (1) Four things before the class digest the drawing materials and check the handover record. Wipe the equipment in a mechanical processing plant, lubricate and add oil according to regulations. Check whether the handle position and manual operation position are correct and flexible, and whether the safety device is reliable. Run at low speed to check whether the transmission is normal in the mechanical forum, and whether the lubrication and cooling are smooth. (2) Pay attention to the running sound during class five, whether the equipment temperature, pressure, liquid level, electro-hydraulic mechanical gas, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic system, instrument signal, and safety insurance are normal. (3) Turn off the switch for four things after the shift, and put all handles to mechanical science and technology to zero position. Remove iron filings and dirt, wipe the dirt on the rail and sliding surfaces of the equipment, and add oil. Clean up the work site, arrange accessories and tools. Fill in the Tianjin Machinery Handover Shift Record and Operation Desk Record, and go through the handover procedures. 2. Weekly warranty Weekly warranty is carried out by equipment operators at the end of the weekly carton machinery, and the maintenance time is: 2h for general equipment, 4h for fine, large, and rare equipment. (1) Appearance Wipe the equipment rails, and parts of the transmission chemical machinery And exposed parts, clean the work site. Achieve cleanliness inside and outside without dead corners, no rust, and neat surrounding environment. (2) Operate the transmission coal mine machinery to check the technical status of each part, tighten the loose parts, and adjust the fit gap. Check the interlock and safety device. Reach transmission sound

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