Tongue type packing box for rod-shaped cigarette and its blank

Patent name: Tongue-type packing box for stick-like cigarettes and blanks Patent applicant Japan Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. Principal applicant address Tokyo, Japan Inventor Sendo Masuk application (patent) No. 200380109037.8 Date of application 2003.12.26 Award date Approval notice No. 1738553 Auditing Announcement Date 2006.02.22 Instruction CD No. D0608-1 Main Classification No. A24F15/12(2006.01) I Classification No. A24F15/12(2006.01)I; B65D85/10(2006.01)I Partition Original Application No. Priority Item 2001.1 .20 JP 11362/2003 Abstract A tongue-type package for filter cigarettes has a box body (2) and is housed in the box body (2) and is wrapped in a bundle of cigarettes (CB) by a wrapping material (8). (6) and the tongue cover (16) for opening and closing the open end of the box body (2) and the ear guard (30) attached to both side walls of the box body (2), and the tongue cover (16) is in the first time In the state before being opened, each ear guard (30) is connected to the side edge of the tongue cover (16) on the corresponding side through the cut line (28). Sovereignty Item 1. A tongue-and-a-half type package box for a cigarette-like cigarette, characterized by comprising: a box body comprising a front wall, an open end, two side walls, a bottom wall, and an insertion slit formed in the front wall; The utility model is housed in the above-mentioned box body and comprises a plurality of rod-shaped cigarettes and a wrapping material encased in the rod-shaped cigarette; and a tongue cover is connected to the rear edge of the open end of the box body through a hinge, and can open and close the open end. The cover includes a lid and a tongue covering the open end of the box body in a closed state of the tongue lid; the tongue is connected to the lid through a folding line and can cover the box body in a state covering the insertion slit. The above-mentioned front wall overlaps; the interface, which can be connected between the tongue cover and the box body separately from each other when the tongue cover is in the state before being opened for the first time, and when the tongue cover is opened, the tongue cover is opened. The tongue cover is already in the open state and remains as a trace. International Application 2003-12-26 PCT/JP2003/016845 International Publication 2004-08-05 WO2004/064550

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