Vacuum packaging machine

【Abstracts】 A vacuum packaging machine (1) includes a frame body (100), a top cover (200), a heat sealing device (300), a bottom plate (400) and a vacuum pressure generating device (500). The frame body (100) has a longitudinal partition (2), a cylinder (3), an exhaust passage (4), an inhalation passage (5), a vent plate (6), an edge groove (7), and a guide groove (8) First base slot (9), two first hinge blocks (10), bearings (11) and several bearing holes (12). The top cover (200) covers the upper part of the frame body (100). The heat sealing device (300) seals the bag (A). The base plate (400) includes two second hinge blocks (41), one clamp (42), two base slots (43) and several supports (44). The vacuum pressure generating device (500) includes a drive motor (51), a crankshaft (52) and a piston (53).
【Sovereign Items】 1. A vacuum packaging machine comprising: a frame body comprising: a longitudinal partition with a cylinder block, on both sides of which longitudinal partitions are formed with a first And a second recess; a cylinder disposed horizontally in the cylinder block of the partition; an exhaust passage extending from the cylinder to an upper surface of the block; extending from a lower surface of the frame body to An air intake channel of the cylinder; an air flow plate disposed at a position on the lower surface of the frame body corresponding to the air intake channel to form an air channel; formed along the edge of the air flow plate An edge groove on a lower surface of the frame body, and a seal is mounted along the edge groove; a guide groove having a predetermined depth is formed on a lower surface of the frame body and is at a predetermined distance from the air flow plate; At a position; a first base slot having a predetermined depth, formed longitudinally at a position on the lower surface of the frame body surrounding the guide slot; two first projections at two positions on the upper surface of the frame body; Hinge segment; disposed at a predetermined position between two first hinge segments And a plurality of support holes having a predetermined depth formed on a lower surface of the frame body; a top cover covering an upper portion of the frame body with a power switch and a plurality of electrical connections thereto A vacuum level control button of the power switch; a heat sealing device longitudinally installed in the guide groove of the lower surface of the frame body for sealing the open end of the packaging bag; and a bottom plate comprising: The second hinge blocks are disposed at two positions on the upper surface of the base plate to engage with the two first hinge blocks provided on the upper surface of the frame body; the clamps are mounted on the base plate in such a manner that they make The two ends of the clamp are rotatably disposed on two lateral sides of the base plate and clamp the predetermined part of the packaging bag; and a plurality of second base grooves formed on the two lateral sides of the base plate are used to make both ends of the clamps available Positioning approximately horizontally; a plurality of supports disposed at a position on the base plate surrounding the second hinge block and generally biasing the frame body upward to position the frame body in an open position having a predetermined opening angle; and vacuum pressure produce And includes: a drive motor mounted on a first recessed area of ​​the frame body; a crankshaft having a first end connected to a rotating shaft of the drive motor, and a second end supported by a bearing of the frame body A piston, one end of which is connected to the crankshaft, is disposed in the cylinder.

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