Vocational Education Micro-Grid Classroom Construction Solution

I. Overview

The EDU-Station recording and broadcasting system is a system that collects and records the lecturer's electronic lecture notes, multimedia courseware and the scene of the lecture scene synchronously, and automatically synthesizes it into real-time multimedia courseware. It has perfect live broadcast, recording, editing, and on-demand functions; the screen composition of courseware is flexible and diverse; based on the network, it can realize online synchronous live broadcast, and can also be stored in real-time on the server for later on-demand calls.

Vocational Education Micro-Grid Classroom Construction Solution

2. Application areas

EDU-Station recording and broadcasting system is widely used in the following fields:

First: the construction of quality courses

It is suitable for the construction of high-quality courses in various schools, helping schools to achieve the network sharing of high-quality high-quality courses resources.

Second: the construction of micro-classrooms in vocational education / teacher colleges

In many normal schools and professional technical training schools, the system can achieve effective and rapid improvement of students' teaching skills and real-time correction of the training phase.

Third: Teaching observation and class listening, and construction of teaching resources

Teaching communication can be realized, and leaders can observe and listen to teaching directly on the network, and record teaching resources to provide students with after-class review.

Fourth: the construction of digital stereo conference room or lecture hall

It can realize the live broadcast of the conference, live broadcast based on multiple branch venues on the local area network and Internet-based live broadcast; record the conference information and synthesize expert videos and lectures synchronously, and quickly generate multimedia CDs of the entire process of the conference on the spot, or upload them to the server for participation On-demand after the meeting (online lecture hall). The improvement of the three-dimensional mathematics has greatly improved the efficiency of meetings.

Fifth: Construction of enterprise training course resources

Realize all the content of the training experts on-site lectures (including video recording, blackboard writing, electronic teaching plans, etc.) automatic rapid recording, webcast, and directly generate an enterprise network training resource library for students to learn online to complete remote training that meets the Scorm standard.

In summary, the EDU-Station recording and broadcasting system not only meets the professional application and special skill training of current universities, but also the application of various primary and secondary schools in various teaching work, as well as the application of enterprise professional training institutions. For school network teaching, the backup of teaching materials and the review of students after class are of great significance. It is a perfect solution for schools to realize digital network teaching, distance teaching, and solving the needs of various teaching applications.

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