Why empty bottles are recycled

Broken glass, empty bottles into the market "disposal"
Now buying beer, rice wine, etc., supermarkets and supermarkets are reluctant to recycle empty bottles. Even if some grocery stores are recycled, they are limited to Jiashan rice wine and other individual brands. Others such as soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles and sesame oil bottles are all rejected. A large number of empty glass bottles used by residents can only be thrown into the trash. This is not only a waste of resources, it will also cause environmental pollution.
[Survey Attachment] The question raised by Mr. Wei, an empty bottle thrown into a trash can, is universal. Not long ago, the reporter met Zhu Aluo, an old neighbor. When she talked about the recent closure, her family wiped out more than 20 empty bottles that had been cleaned up and went to the “big car” collecting waste, where they were “shot” back: “ This kind of stuff is not given to Allah.” In fact, these empty bottles are just finished drinking, almost as complete as new, and ultimately can only be thrown into the trash, Zhu aunt said "crime."
Coincidentally. Mr. Wang, a reader who lives in Xujiahui Road, called to sell broken glass. He also sighed "I can't figure it out." A glass round countertop in his home carelessly shattered. He wanted to break the glass and easily hurt people. He couldn't throw it away. He carefully collected it and packed it in plastic bags. He wanted to sell it to waste products. No one is willing to buy. Afterwards, he discovered that there were a lot of “big board cars” on the road, but there were no empty bottles, broken glass or the like on the car.

Manufacturers favor new wine bottles The reporter also learned in the interview that the old bottles are difficult to recycle and have a direct bearing on changes in production and sales concepts. “We have a lot of money here. You said who is willing to free up places to stack empty bottles?” a supermarket manager told reporters bluntly that now they all talk about economic benefits. Even if the business area is big, supermarket stores are not willing to “operate”. Recycling empty bottle business. Just look at the supermarket shelves to know that the sales of goods, the vast majority of its packaging is a one-time, cartons of milk, plastic bottles of beverages, etc., all do not use recycling. It is beer, rice wine, wine and so on. It is also “have no going back”. Customers are never required to pay a refund for a bottle. According to industry insiders, in addition to the use of special explosion-proof B bottles by some famous brands of beer manufacturers, recycling is required. Many wineries are not interested in recycling old bottles. Old bottles have many recycling links, their color specifications are not uniform, they are damaged during transportation, and the washing and disinfecting procedures are not as convenient as using new bottles. The cost of production has increased and it is ultimately passed on to consumers.

Recycling is not profitable The old wine bottles, broken glass and other waste products have historically been available for re-use, and how is it now becoming the “abandoned” that nobody wants? The reporter interviewed the Xuhui District Department of Materials Recycling and Operation. Huang Jinkang's manager frankly stated that it is not profitable to acquire those things. I remember that in the past, there were “bowling stores” in various districts, which specialized in recycling all kinds of old bottles and bottles. In addition to old wine bottles, there were wide mouth bottles, salt water bottles, and even small penicillin ampoule bottles. Due to serious losses, the bottle stores have closed down or changed. Currently only beer bottles and yellow wine bottles are listed on the waste acquisition list, and the purchase price has been pushed down very low. The broken glass, in addition to the demolition of large quantities of the decorating project, there are still people to buy, the residents of the home is simply not wanted, because even the transport costs are not earned.
It is a pity that a large number of recyclable wastes such as old wine bottles and broken glass have been forced to be discarded as garbage because the acquisition channels are not smooth. This is contrary to the spirit of advocating the construction of a conservation-oriented society. The relevant management departments should make more studies, formulate policies and take measures to turn waste into treasure as soon as possible.

Reprinted and noted in the news source: Zhonghua Packaging Bottle Net

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