Wooden door consultation: the choice of all wooden doors in the new house

The new room door is the first entry and exit. Due to the large and small items, the size of the door is required to be large. The size of the hole is 1000mm to 1200mm, the width of the door is 920mm, and the large door is used (3:7 ratio). ), considering the security of the access and the traditional Tibetan customs, in addition to special requirements, glass doors are generally not used.

According to the door type and process, it can be divided into full glass door, half glass door, plate type door, core board door and so on. The full glass door has only four sides and a pier, and the rest of the glass is made of glass; the half glass door is the upper half is glass, the lower half is plate type, and has appropriate transparency; the plate door is closed, and is mostly used for household doors and bedrooms. The door is the main type in the door; the core door is one or more core plates in the middle of the door, which is convex and has a strong three-dimensional artistic style. It is one of the forms in the traditional door.

The bedroom door emphasizes privacy, so most use panel wooden doors. The size of the hole is 900mm, which is smaller than the door and the door leaf is about 820mm.

The study door can be used for light, full glass or semi-glass doors. It can also be used for art glass such as matte, cloth, color strip and electric engraving. The specifications are the same as the bedroom door.

The kitchen door can be worn or worn, and the door opening is slightly smaller than the bedroom and the study door, generally 750mm to 800mm, and the door leaf size is generally 670mm to 720mm.

The bath door can only be transparent and can not be seen through, and it should be equipped with double-sided grinding or dark fog glass. The bath door is the same size as the kitchen.

The high-grade wooden doors in the rooms are made of precious wood, showing the luxurious style of the room and the cultural accomplishment of the owner. Such as rosewood, shadow wood, walnut, cherry, Sapele, maple, oak, teak and so on. Generally, a tree is used in a room. There is no special requirement for not using multiple trees.

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